Group Fitness Classes

All classes are intentionally kept small so no one will be lost in the crowd. We want everyone to FEEL the work and MOVE right!

Pilates Mat:

Up to 8 clients. Series of floor exercises using your body for resistance. Emphasizes strength, stability and coordination of breath with movement. You

will feel your core tighten from the inside out and leave feeling relaxed and energized. Great place to learn Pilates fundamentals. Use various props and springboard to keep your core curious and tight!


Up to 10 clients. Use of ballet bar, weights and own body weight as resistance. Class is a mixture of Pilates, cardio and ballet. You will chisel, tighten and tone without adding bulk while burning calories. No prior dance experience needed.


Up to 9 clients. Suspension trainer, created by Navy SEAL. TRX harnesses the resistance of your own body weight and gravity that will improve total body strength and cardio-vascular endurance. Pre-requisite: 1 private/or intro class.

Spin Bike:

Up to 7 clients. Group spinning is a great physical and mental way to increase your cardio. Instructor will guide you through an intense ride followed by stretching.